Disaster Relief

In addition to being a hunger relief organization, the food bank is also a disaster relief organization. Our facilities are prepared for emergencies with back up generators, an industrial-sized kitchen, shower stations and emergency suppiles such as food and water. Anytime a disaster strikes in our service area, truckloads of food and supplies are sent from Feeding America and other corporations. We then work to get those supplies to the affected communities as quickly as possible. We also coordinate disaster efforts with the American Red Cross to ensure the most efficient and timely relief possible.


One of the most important tools in our disaster relief toolbox are our Emergency Response Pantries (ERPs). These prefabricated 8 ft. x 10 ft. walk in freezers are equipped with 12 KW generators that allow for their operation during power outages. ERPs were placed with strategicly located agency partners that are willing and able to function as Disaster Relief allies of the food bank. Providing protein and nutrient-rich foods is especially important to individuals who have just been through trama and these ERPs allow the food bank to that on a large scale.

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