Hunger in America Study

by Lisa Christopher


I got involved with the Hunger in America study to gain experience in the research aspect of community nutrition and to complete volunteering hours for a class at school, although I ended up gaining much more than that. I was able to see first-hand the poverty and need in the tri-state area. I also enjoyed getting to meet the directors of the various food pantries at each site and listening to how each site had a different method for distributing food to those in need.

Because of the way the hunger study is set up, it's easy to start volunteering, even if you are working around a busy schedule. Most projects only last a few hours and the work is easy to do and enjoyable. I would encourage anyone thinking about getting involved in their community to look into volunteering for the hunger study at Bay Area Food Bank. It is well worth the time and a great experience for those that love to give back.


Lisa Christopher is a guest blogger who assisted Bay Area Food Bank with the client survey portion of the Hunger in America study. Lisa is from Grand Bay, AL and is currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Auburn University.


Hunger Study volunteers are needed through the end of August. If you're interested in helping out with the study, please contact Karla Gardner at (251) 653-1617 ext. 127 or




  • thank you for your much needed service and information concerning hunger in the world.

    Posted by bessie franklin | July 18, 2013 at 06:19 PM

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