Virtual Food Drive

Thanks to our affiliation with Feeding America and ability to purchase food in bulk, we are able to provide a minimum of 3-5 times the amount of food that someone can purchase at a local grocery store.  Therefore, purchasing food through our Virtual Food Drive allows donors to contribute 3-5 times as much with the same amount of money. 

For example, if you purchase a can of vegetables for $1, the food bank can provide at least 3 - 5 cans for the same amount.  Generally speaking, 5 lbs. of food is enough to provide 3 meals.

Find out how far your dollar can go and start shopping!


 Examples of the value of the food bank’s purchasing power:

  •  $1 provides 5 meals
  • $5 provides 50 lbs. of bread
  • $10 provides a 50 lb. box of food
  • $15 purchases 4 bags of food for a child through our Backpack Program
  • $20 allows us to purchase and deliver 800 lbs. of food to a local food pantry
  • $50 buys 330 lbs. of produce to be distributed through our Mobile Pantry Program
  • $100 buys enough fuel to pickup 3 tons (enough to fill a 20 foot truck) of donated food from local grocers
  • $500 allows us to conduct a mobile pantry distribution and deliver over 5,000 lbs. of food to 100 families


Benefits of Our Virtual Food Drive:  

  • Allows you to participate in a food drive and donate food to the food bank regardless of location       
  • Take part in a virtual shopping experience by choosing different items for your cart  
  • Allows you to donate 3 -5 times the amount of food with the same amount of money
  • Funds donated are fully tax-deductable when made by Visa or Master Card
  • Ideal for online giving
  • Your receipts will be emailed to you for your convenience
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