Host a Food Drive

Coordinating a traditional, fund or virtual food drive is an exciting opportunity for local businesses, schools, churches and clubs to get involved and impact their community in a positive way. Read more to learn about our different food drive options and determine which is best for you.


Traditional Food Drive

    • Allows members to collect non-perishable food items     

    • Can be a one day event or take place for a predetermined amount of time, typically a week or month  
    • Allows participants to tangibly see what they are donating and feel a sense of connection
    • Serves a critical role in feeding people in need during times of crisis 
    • Helps keep food bank shelves stocked throughout the year  
    • A great way to show your organization’s commitment to community involvement 


Fund Drive

    • For every dollar donated the food bank can provide 5 meals
    • Geared towards raising money to put towards one of the food bank’s nutrition programs or general food distribution  
    • Often held in conjunction with traditional food drives giving participants a choice to bring a cash donation  
    • Often a company will match the weight of donated food items with a check of equal value  
    • Donated funds are fully tax-deductable

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