SNAP (food stamps)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, helps families and individuals afford groceries. If eligible, clients will receive an EBT card (similar to a debit card) which will be reloaded monthly with an allotted amount of money to be used to purchase food.

The food bank’s SNAP Outreach Team will guide applicants through the SNAP application process, help them prepare for an interview with a SNAP caseworker, and answer general questions about the SNAP program.


How to Get Help


Attend a pre-scheduled SNAP Outreach Event 

Currently, the SNAP Outreach Team conducts regularly scheduled outreach throughout the state of Alabama and in south Mississippi. If possible, please bring proof of your income and expenses such as pay stubs, social security statements, rent/mortgage statements, utility bills and out-of-pocket medical expenses (if you’re on disability or 60 years of age or older).


Click on the links below to find a SNAP Outreach Event.

North Alabama  

South Alabama    

South Mississippi  



While the SNAP Outreach Team does coordinate outreach events in additional Alabama counties, the above are the only counties which currently host events that are open to the public. If you’re interested in scheduling an event in your county, please contact the Alabama team at (251) 653-1617 ext. 145 or the Mississippi team at (228) 896-6979.


Get assistance over the phone 

If you can’t attend a SNAP Outreach Event in Alabama, call the SNAP Outreach Team at (251) 653-1617 ext. 145 or (888) 704-3663. If you can’t attend a SNAP Outreach event in Mississippi call (228) 896-6979. The Team will guide you through the process of filling out the application. Once the application is complete, you will then mail a signed copy to SNAP Outreach Team. They will check it for correctness and submit to the appropriate SNAP office in Alabama or Mississippi.


Click here to print out the Alabama SNAP Application.
Click here to print out the Alabama Senior SNAP Application (choose this application if all members of the household are of 60 years of age and not working).

Click here to print out the Mississippi SNAP Application.


If you’re not receiving SNAP benefits but have some questions, contact the SNAP Outreach Team at (251) 653-1617 ext. 142, (888) 704-3663 or

If you already receive SNAP and have questions about your case please call the Alabama DHR Hotline at 1-800-382-0499 or Mississippi DHS Hotline at 1-800-948-3050.

To learn more about Bay Area Food Bank’s SNAP Outreach Program, please click here.

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