Did You Know...

The Freezer
  Is over 2,500 square feet
  Is kept at -10 degrees
  Is lowered to -20 when pallets of ice cream are present
  Can hold 9 trailer loads of food in racks
  Can surge to over 12 trailer loads when using all floor space
The Cooler
  Is over 4,000 square feet
  Is kept at 35 degrees when dairy products are in stock
  Can hold 12 trailer loads in racks
  Can surge to 15 trailer loads when using all floor space
The Truck Fleet
  Our 7 refrigerated trucks make 400 stops each week at grocers to pick-up donations
  A new refrigerated truck costs approximately $90,000
  Refrigerated trucks get approximately 7 miles per gallon of diesel
  Our Kraft hot food delivery truck can keep 192 serving trays heated to 140 degrees for delivery which would be about 2,000 servings of beef stew or spaghetti
  Our refrigerated tractor-trailer unit is shorter than over the road trucks and has a rear powered lift to allow for loading and unloading in parking loads
  Our Cargo vans are used to deliver over 1,500 cold lunches to children daily during the summer lunch program
Sorting/Reclamation Room
  Is a separate building which was added in 2007
  The racking system can hold 5 trailer loads of food
  The room can be set up with two lines for sorting and packing food boxes at the same time
  The walls are reinforced steel filled with concrete to allow the room to serve as a storm shelter for staff and families
Loading Docks
  Each dock area has a 4 foot by 4 foot scale that weighs an entire pallet at a time
  Dock levelers reach across gaps between building and trailers to allow pallet–sized unloading
General Building
  The main warehouse can hold 35 trailer loads of food in racks
  An average of 20 church pantries visit daily to pick up food
  A 350KW diesel generator fully powers the building in emergencies to protect the food supply
  Over 20 trailer loads of food from national donors and the government arrive each month
  Over 250,000 pounds of food are unloaded from our own trucks each month
  Over 300,000 pounds of food are loaded onto our trucks and delivered to pantries each month
  The power bill is over $5,000 per month
  The cooking/warming ovens can hold 900 pieces of chicken at a time
  The skillet can prepare 600 serving of scrambled eggs at a time
  The kettle can makes 1000 servings of vegetables at a time
  Each summer twelve high school students are hired to prepare meals
  The summer lunch program served 63,116 meals to over 2,000 children last summer
  Each week hot snacks are prepared for children in three Mobile area afterschool programs
  In emergency the kitchen can prepare as many as 10,000 meals per day
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